"Well, I'm not sure what to say about being called the sexiest actor of the year. I'm very flattered and somewhat bewildered."
-- David Tennant on being voted sexiest actor of the year in 2008

A blog where I post pieces of my extensive David Tennant picture collection, which I started in 2007 by downloading every picture of David I came across on the 'net. You may see anything from every-blog-has-these pictures to rare gems I got off the david-tennant.com gallery before it moved to david-tennant.org and got weird. I hope you'll get to see at least one or two new pictures.

Disclaimer: None of the pictures posted are actually mine. I just collated them in a folder of pretty on my hard drive. If you see a picture that you have claim to and would like me to label with credit or take down, please contact me.

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    The Doctor reminds me of Anna because he’s always doing rude things without realizing it. Then Rose has to remind him...
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    Dem fingers…. #FingerPorn
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